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Our experience in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Nurse and Warden

Call systems is second to none. Our systems allows healthcare providers to offer a high level of care while maximising staff efficiency. The system ensures that patients have a reliable and easy way to communicate with members of staff should they need assistance.         

Bed Head trunking services also form part of our product offering and are a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Wireless configuration underlines our versatility in an ever-evolving market. Our systems are adaptable, expandable and accommodate ever changing priorities and demands.

Nurse & Warden Call Available Features

  • Bespoke design
  • Professional installation
  • Emergency response activation via pull cord or pendant
  • Integration with smoke & gas detectors
  • Deaf alert integration
  • Door entry integration
  • Public call announcements

Relex Group – Keeping your staff safe on the job!

Northamptonshire Staff Attack Systems

We’ve installed attack and assist call systems to a whole host of environments. Whatever your industry, staff should always feel safe and secure in their work environment.

Enabling your staff to have a personal protection system that’s easy to use and potentially life-saving is invaluable, this peace of mind enables your staff to be fully focused on the duty at hand.

Staff protection systems can be used in a wide range of applications and sectors, including; Hospitals, Mental Health Units, Primary Care Centres, GP Surgeries, Airports and many more.

Staff Safety Available Features

  • Professional installation
  • Record all events
  • Activated fobs tracks all movement
  • Identify callers and locations
  • Displays and call points
  • Suitable for attack and assist calls
  • Wide range of application


We understand that in certain healthcare environments anti ligature proofing will be required. We work closely with our customers to understand their bespoke needs as all service users are different.

  • Anti ligature doors
  • Anti ligature hinges
  • Lighting changes
  • Bespoke tamper proof cases
  • Cupboards and curtain polls

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